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Cattery - Improvements

  • We have put windows in the cattery which has made it so much brighter
  • New electrics e.g strip lights in the individual pens
  • New plastic perspex up at the top of either sides in the individual pens so that the cats can’t sneeze through and pass on germs to one another
  • The bottom of each pen is now covered up so cats can’t see one another, as some cats gets stressed out seeing other cats
  • We have put doors on each pen on the top shelf with a little (cat flap) size entrance for cats to go through and hide behind, if they wish too
  • New flooring in the individual pens, which is hard industrial lino and easy cleanable
  • Central heating has been fitted
  • Decorated the walls and replaced the ceiling

All cats MUST be vaccinated with FELV/FLU & ENTERITIS vaccines and must be up to date. Vaccination cards must be shown when the animal is admitted to us.

Please make sure that cats have been treated with products from your veterinary surgery to prevent flea and worm infestations.

Daily Routine

  • The cats get thoroughly cleaned out first thing in the morning
  • The radio plays 24 hours a day
  • Each cat pen has a hard plastic bed with a vet-bed in, a pillow, scratch pad impregnated with catnip, a litter tray and toys if required
  • Litter trays are replaced with clean ones as soon as it is soiled
  • Dry science plan complete food is supplied through out the day with fresh clean water. In the evening we give the cats a sachet of wet food e.g felix, whiskas e.t.c
  • We give the cats lots of attention and TLC during the day
  • While cleaning out the pens, we let the cats out one at a time to walk up and down the corridor, we also play with them and throw toys which they loves to chase

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