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Kennels - Improvements

  • We have insulated the walls
  • Installed central heating
  • Placed industrial lino in the individual dog kennels which allows easy cleaning
  • Tiled the corridors and decreased the size of the drains (which has reduced drafts into the kennels)
  • The largest kennel block was divide into two, allowing more efficient heating
  • We have fully decorated all the blocks

We have built grass paddocks for the dogs to get exercise and for a different environment. We spend time with each dog and play with them while in the paddocks throwing toys e.t.c

Caring for the dogs

  • The dogs get breakfast and dinner. We feed them Oscars complete dry food and if requested, mixed with meat (either Chappie or Natures diet). If dogs are fussy eaters we even tempt them with cooked chicken or cheese
  • We also stock the popular Jameswelbeloved and Bakers food brands
  • We let the dogs in and out of their main kennel six times a day for about 20 minutes at a time depending on the weather. Weather dependent this can be longer. This allows the dogs get a lot of human contact and fuss
  • We love walking the dogs in our 5 acre field. The dogs are walked on extendable leads (assuming strong collars) and where possible (and with consent), friendly dogs are walked together
  • Each dog also gets a turn out in the grass paddocks
  • We give the dogs treats such as Dentastix's and also kong's stuffed with treats to keep them entertained
  • The radio is on 24 hours a day, and if there are fire works or thunder it will be turned up louder, to block out the noise
  • The dogs have a plastic bed to suit there size. They get soft bedding to make it make it comfy and then a vet bed on top
  • There is fresh water available at all times
  • We have different size kennels to suit different breeds of dogs. We even cater for giant breeds

Dogs MUST be fully vaccinated and up to date with their annual booster and kennel cough vaccines. Vaccination cards must be shown when the animal is admitted to us.

We ask that your dogs have been treated with products from your veterinary surgery to prevent flea and worm infestations before coming to stay.

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